Commercial Loan Program

At IGR Mortgage Services we have Commercial Loan Programs for short term situations and long term investors. If you are looking to purchase or refinance a commercial, mixed-use or business property we have the programs that will provide you with a hassle-free loan experience.

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Commercial Loans Overview

.At IGR Mortgage Services we provide a wide-range of Commercial Loans to real estate investors and business owners all over the nation. These include Small Balance Commercial Loans, Bridge Commercial Loans and Long Term Commercial Loans for up to 30 years. We specialize in hard money loans funded with private money which makes the loan process stream-lined and hassle-free. Our underwriting is flexible, efficient and requires reduced documentation compared to institutionbal lenders. When you contact us about your commercial financing needs chances are we can tailor a loan that is best for your property type and situation.


National Hard Money Commercial Loans

IGR Mortgage Commercial Loans

Commercial Bridge Loans

For Short Term Situations:

  • Loan Amounts $100K to $5M

  • Loan To Value Ratio to 75%

  • Rates From 5.75%

  • Term 9 to 24 Months

  • Interest Only Payments
  • Fico Scores 650 +

  • Flexible Debt Service Ratios
  • Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out
  • Foreign National Okay
  • Office, Retail, Warehouse, Mixed Use
  • All Senarios Considered

Commercial Term Loans

For Long Term Investors:

  • Loan Amounts $100K to $5M

  • Loan To Value Ratio to 80%

  • Rates From 5.50%

  • 5/1 & 7/1 ARM’s, 30 Year Fixed

  • Interest Only Option
  • Fico Scores 650 +

  • Flexible Debt Service Ratios
  • Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out
  • Foreign National Okay
  • Office, Retail, Warehouse, Mixed Use
  • All Scenarios Considered

National Small Balance Commercial Loans

Real estate investors and business owners use small commercial properties for wealth building and operating successful business enterprises. IGR Mortgage Services strongly supports this asset category and is proud to offer funding solutions for commercial real estate that enable commercial borrowers to achieve their goals. That’s what our National Small Balance Commercial Loans are designed to accomplish.

Although we offer commercial financing for loan amounts to $5 Million on Small Balance Commercial Loans the majority of our transactions are under $2 Million. Our processing for these smaller deals is more streamlined with quick loan approvals, whereas bank and institutional loans for larger properties require significant documentation, levels of underwriting and and take significantly more time to process and close. This is an advantage to our commercial borrowers where rapid financing solutions can make a big difference when playing in a competitive real estate market.

Reduced paperwork, common-sense underwriting and the ability to avoid detailed scrutiny of borrower’s personal income and financial affairs allow us to provide loan options with flexibility exceeding what’s available with institutional lenders. The advantages of our Small Balance Commercial Loans for national real estate investors and business owners are:

  • Fast and efficient loan options for purchase and refinance transactions

  • Flexibility with term options including interest only, 5/1 & 7/1 ARM’s and 30 year fixed

  • Better than hard money with lower rates and fees

  • High leverage with loans up to 80% loan to value

  • No W-2’s, no pay stubs, no tax returns, no income requirements

IGR Mortgage Services is a premier source for borrowers looking for commercial financing at reasonable rates and terms without high rates, excessive junk fees and points typical of hard money loans. We make the loan process hassle-free for commercial property investors and business owners nationwide.



Top Reasons To Use Our Commercial Loans


IGR Mortgage Services has Commercial Loan Programs for short term situations and long term investors. This enables us to meet the needs of borrowers facing a "bridge loan" requirement and also wealth building investors with long term vision.


Fast closing times with the average loan closing falling between 20 and 40 days. This is an advantage to investors and business owners competing in a marketplace where the processing time to complete financial transactions can make or break a deal!


Flexible Underwriting. Self-employed borrowers often experience difficulty providing proof of income given the documentation requirements of institutional lenders. With less-rigid income underwriting guidlines using Stated Income and No Doc qualifying we can close deals that banks simply cannot.


Better Than Hard Money. In the past when borrowers could not qualify for institutional financing or faced lending restrictions, hard money was the only option. We provide loan programs with rates significantly lower than typical hard money rates.


No Waiting Period Requirements. With almost any kind of derogatory credit history Institutional lenders typically have waiting period requirements before borrowers can qualify. This helps those coming out of bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sales or deed in lieu of foreclosure as we can close loans one day after these events.

Eligible Properties For Commercial Loans

Office, Retail, Strip Malls, Special Use

Commercial loans are available for office, retail and special use properties like C-Stores and bowling alleys. At IGR Mortgage we provide funds to investors and owners to purchase, refinance, bridge to sale or hold and rent.

Warehouse, Light Industrial, Self Storage

All types of warehouse, light industrial buildings, storage facilities and more are considered. We provide funds to commercial borrowers to purchase or refinance with loan amounts of $5M or more.

Senior Living

Multi-Family, Mixed Use, Senior Living

Apartments, mixed-use, senior projects and assisted living are included in this category. Loan scenarios are purchase, refinance, bridge to stabilization or sale, or bridge to construction take-out.

If you have a question about a Commercial Loan give us a call to discuss your situation. One ten-minute call may just be the ticket to a fast solution to meet your financing needs!

IGR Mortgage Services has been providing investors with hard money loan options for over 30 years. We offer Fast & Affordable financing. for investors of every experience level. Call today to discuss your scenario!

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