Stated Income – No Doc Loans

At IGR Mortgage Services we provide funding where the income qualifications are less rigorous than with institutional loans. If you are looking for a hassle-free loan experience you’ve come to the right place!

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Stated Income – No Doc Loans Overview

Qualifying for a mortgage loan using stated income, no income verification or no-doc underwriting is definately one of the most important reasons for real estate investors to use private money lenders. This is because investors can more easily qualify for financing without meeting rigorous debt-to income ratios based on documented income. Many self employed borrowers find it difficult to document income and unlike full-doc conventional mortgages, a stated income loan is easier to get approved. There are no tax returns or other income documentation used. This helps real estate investors, builders and business owners to have greater access to the capital needed to grow their businesses.

Providing Stated Income Loans To Investors Nationwide

Stated Income - No Doc Program Features:

No Tax Returns, No W-2’s, No K-1’s!

  • Loan Amounts from $100K to $10M+
  • Loan To Value Ratio To 85%
  • Interest Rates From 6.99%
  • 5/1 & 7/1 ARM’s, 30 Year Fixed
  • Interest Only Options Available
  • Minimum 650 FICO Score
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty Options Available
  • Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out, Bridge Loan
  • Foreign Nationals Are Eligible
  • All Loan Scenarios Considered

No Doc Loans For Real Estate Investors Nationwide

Real estate investors and business owners can benefit from Stated Income, No-Doc loans for obtaining the capital they need for wealth building and owner-occupied business properties. At IGR Mortgage Services we provide No Doc Loans For Real Estate Investors Nationwide.  We firmly support this underwriting method and proudly offer loan programs with hassle-free qualifying to help borrowers meet their goals. That’s what our National Stated Income, No- Doc Loans are meant to provide.

We offer No Income verification Loans from $100K to $10+ Million.  Loan processing for these loans is  very fast and efficient, whereas federal requirements for bank loans mandate significant levels of income and asset documentation resulting in lengthy processing times.  This means we can offer an advantage to our borrowers with quick loan approvals, giving them an edge-up when competing with other investors in dynamic real estate markets.

Stated Income, No-Docs loans means paperwork reduction, common-sense underwriting and the absence of minute scrutiny of every last detail of our borrower’s financial situation.  Therefore IGR Mortgage Services provides loan alternatives for national real estate investors with flexibility exceeding what institutional lenders have. The advantages of our Stated Income, No Income Verification Loans for national real estate investors and business owners are:

  • Fast and efficient loan options for purchase and refinance transactions in a fast moving financial environment

  • Broad range of loan terms including 5/1 & 7/1 ARM’s,  30 year fixed and Interest Only.

  • Lower costs than Hard Money Loans for interest rates and loan fees

  • High leverage with loans up to 90% loan to value

  • No W-2’s, no pay stubs, no tax returns, no income requirements

IGR Mortgage Services is a premier source for national real estate investors desiring No Income Verification Loans with low rates and fees, avoiding the excessive points, rates and junk fees typically offered by hard money lenders. We make the loan process easy and stress-free for real property investors and business owners nationwide.

Benefits of Using Stated Income – No Doc Loans


Our stated income commercial real estate loans are perfect for self-employed investors who, due to many legitimate write offs, do not show the income required for regulated bank loans. This is the ideal loan if you can’t provide tax returns or for some reason don’t want to provide tax returns.


Fast closing times with the average loan closing falling between 20 and 40 days. This type of commercial stated financing easily gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a currently fast paced commercial real estate market and rising property value.


Tired of maintaining an SBA Loan? We can help business owners who want relief from the strenuous scrutinization of having and maintaining an SBA loan by offering a stress-free 30 year fully amortized commercial loan.


Lower rates than hard money. Hard money used to be the only alternative for borrowers who could not qualify for institutional financing. With our soft-money, stated income programs we can save you money!


More financing options for borrowers with derogatory credit. Institutional lenders typically have waiting period requirements before borrowers can qualify, two years or more. Borrowers coming out of bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sales or deed in lieu of foreclosure can still qualify for our stated income loans.

Eligible Properties For State Income Loans

Office, Retail, Strip Malls, Special Use

Commercial loans are available for office, retail and special use properties like C-Stores and bowling alleys. At IGR Mortgage we provide funds to investors and owners to purchase, refinance, bridge to sale or hold and rent.

Warehouse, Light Industrial, Self Storage

All types of warehouse, light industrial buildings, storage facilities and more are considered. We provide funds to commercial borrowers to purchase or refinance with loan amounts of $5M or more.

Senior Living

Multi-Family, Mixed Use, Senior Living

Apartments, mixed-use, senior projects and assisted living are included in this category. Loan scenarios are purchase, refinance, bridge to stabilization or sale, or bridge to construction take-out.

If you have a question about how a Stated Income – No Doc Loan can help you with your financing goals, give us a call to discuss your situation. One ten-minute call may just be the ticket to a fast solution to meet your financing needs!

IGR Mortgage Services has been providing investors with hard money loan options for over 30 years. We offer Fast & Affordable financing. for investors of every experience level. Call today to or send us your loan scenario to review! 

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