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National Hard Money Loans

IGR Mortgage Services is one of the most experienced hard money lenders on the West Coast. We have provided hard money lending services to investors, builders, business owners and all types of property owners for over 30 years. Many of our loan programs are now offered in states across the country.  We provide lending options on investment real estate including multi-family, mixed use, commercial, light industrial, lots and land. Our National Hard Money Loans fill the void in lending niches that are under-served by institutional lenders. Our programs include long-term rental loans, rehab, bridge loans, new construction, land development and even foreclosure bailouts in some cases. Borrowers who use our private money loans can rely on us for flexible lending criteria, competitive rates and fees, and fast approvals and funding, Unlike banks and institutional lenders, we can close loans in a matter of days, not weeks. We provide funding to a wide group of borrowers including individuals, Foreign Nationals, entities (LLCs, partnerships, corporations), trusts and estates.

National Private Money Loans

IGR Mortgage Commercial Loans

Quick Summary

Loans Overview:

  • Loan Amounts $50K to $5M

  • Loan To Value Ratio to 85%

  • Rates 4.5% to 11.99%

  • Term 12 Months to 30 Years

  • 5/1 & 7/1 Arm’s, 30 Year Fixed
  • Interest Only Options

  • Fico Scores 400 +
  • Stated Income & No-Doc Qualifying
  • No Pre-Payment Options
  • 24-48 Hour Pre-Qualification
  • Rapid Closing Options

Other Information

Property types funded:

  • Apartments

  • Mixed Use

  • Office & Retail

  • Commercial & Warehouse

  • Light Industrial & Self Storage
  • Motel & Hotel

  • Senior & Assisted Living
  • Restaurants & Single-Use
  • Cannabis Project
  • Bowling Alley & Special Purpose
  • Lots, Acreage, Farms & Ag

Why Investors Choose IGR Mortgage Services

IGR Mortgage Services is based in Lake Oswego, OR. For over 30 years we have been providing quick-close private funds for a number of hard money loan scenarios. Many of our borrowers are repeat real estate investors who continue to come back for hard money loans. Our satisfied customers rely on us as an honest and professional source of private money for real estate deals that are time-sensitive or “outside the box.” With simple underwriting, flexible terms and quick approvals, our hard money loans are hassle-free compared to conventional loans. IGR Mortgage Services is committed to helping borrowers gain fast access the money needed to meet their goals and objectives. We treat each application on a case-by-case basis and try to tailor a solution that best gets the job done. Our borrowers receive funding under the best terms and conditions available for their current situation.

Who Should Use A Hard Money Loan?

The primary reason real estate investors use hard money loans is the fast closing time. IGR Mortgage Services can provide pre-approvals within 24 to 48 hours and loan closings within two weeks in most cases. Also, investors with mortgage lates, recent bankruptcies, foreclosures and other derogatory credit can turn to hard money providing they have sufficient equity in the property being financed. A hard money loan “bridges the gap” to enable the real estate investor to improve their credit to qualify for a lower-rate refinance, or make improvements to the property  to make the property more financeable or saleable.

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Eligible Properties For Hard Money Loans

Mult Family 5 to 100 Units

Multi-family is housing where multiple units (5+) for residential use are in one or more buildings within a community or complex. We provide funds to investors to purchase or refinance with loan amounts of $100K to $5M.

Mixed Use

Mixed-Use is a project that blends residential and commercial uses into one integrated complex or building. Common loan scenarios are purchase, refinance, bridge to stabilization, bridge to sale, or bridge to construction take-out.

Commercial - Light Industrial

Commercial properties including warehouses, light industrial buildings, storage facilities and more are considered. We provide funds to commercial borrowers to purchase or refinance with loan amounts of $5M or more.

Office, Retail, Strip Malls, Special Use

Commercial loans are available for office, retail and special use properties like C-Stores and bowling alleys. At IGR Mortgage we provide funds to investors and owners to purchase, refinance, bridge to sale or hold and rent.

IGR Mortgage loans on storage facilities

Self/Mini Storage

Self Storage or Mini-Storage properties that rent spaces to individuals or small businesses. Other “specialty use” properties can be considered. We provide funds to investors to purchase, refinance or develop with loan amounts of $5M or more.

Senior Living

Senior Living, Assisted Living

Senior projects, assisted living, apartments and mixed-use properties are included in this category. Loan scenarios are purchase, refinance, bridge-gap loans to stabilization or sale, or bridge to construction take-out.

Other Eligible Properties Include: Office, hospitality, self-storage, senior housing, light industrial, cannabis projects, parking facilities, automotive, lots, land, farms and Ag.

IGR Mortgage Services has been providing investors with hard money loan options for over 30 years. We offer Fast & Affordable financing. for investors of every experience level. Call today to discuss your scenario!

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